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   Pair of baroque angels in adoration of the XVII th century



   Superb pair of angels in adoration in carved oak, once certainly displayed on both sides of a tabernacle. Work of the first half of the seventeenth century, probably Italian, or Flemish in Italian taste.

   Our angels seem engaged in a visual conversation. The first folding his arms on his chest, when the second spreads his in a theatrical gesture of surprise, resulting in very baroque movements of drapery.

   Restorations, good wood substance, remains of engoba, traces of old polychromy or gilding Slots and a few breaks. Wings missing. Other lacks : forearms, left toe missing on the first one. The second angel is complete with the exception of a burst in the left arm and a small part of the foot. Forearm reattached by two wrought iron nails.

   Composition: Oak
   Origin: Italy or Flanders
   Provenance: France - Art Market
   Period: XVII th century
   Height: 43.5 and 43 cm

        Ref. : md-191  

   Price & Conditions : 4500 euros -







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